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types of bone cancer


Bone tumor

All of us heard the name of the tumor. The tumor is an irregular gathering of tissue which can be fluid-filled or solid. It is also known as a neoplasm. Tumor and cancer are not same. There are various kinds of tumors. One of them is bone tumor. Generally, bone tumor means irregular growth of tissue inside bones. At first the tumor starts in leg bone. Then they gradually attack other parts of the skeleton. There are two types of bone tumors. They are benign bone tumor and malignant bone tumor. Benign bone tumors are very common. They never become cancer. They don’t hurt and doesn’t need an operation. Malignant bone tumors can spread cancer cells across the body. They often occur in teenagers. Malignant bone tumors can be life threatening. This article will help you to know about the bone tumor and their causes plus remedies.

Causes of bone tumor:

Nobody knows the exact causes of bone tumor. Scientists found that bone tumors are related to some other situations. Now, researchers understand how DNA changes normal cells into tumor cells. Some bone tumors are caused by inherited DNA mutation. Mainly bone tumors begin with a light change in the DNA. DNA controls the growth and production of cells in our body. When the DNA is attacked, the control gets spoiled. As a result, cell growths in an irregular way. The cells go on growing and growing. At last, they result in bone tumor. If the situation is left untreated, the cells extend from the affected region of the bone to all body. They spread in the bone and outside the bone. At first, they attack the lungs. Bone tumors gradually become more dangerous and life threatening. Bone tumor is not contagious and they do not extend from person to person. Generally children or teenager has bone tumor. It can be genetic. If anybody feels pain in bone he should immediately consult with doctor. The Doctor's advice these patients basing on their age, medical history and other facts.

Treatment for bone tumor:

During the last fifty years, medical science has gone a long way in treating tumors like bone tumor. Now, with the help of highly modern medical equipments, physicians treat bone tumors. Mainly, there are four types of treatments for bone tumor. They are radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and targeted therapy. Generally more than one treatment method is used in one case. Different types of doctors work together for bone tumor treatment. For bone tumors, basic treatment is surgery. During surgery, doctors remove the tumor and make sure that all the tumor cells are vanished. For higher bone tumors, doctors use a combination of therapy which includes radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Chemotherapy means using medicines to kill tumor cells. Radiation therapy means using high power X-rays to kill tumor cells. Other effective cures are relieving the affected person’s symptoms and other effects.

We all become frightened when we hear the name of aboutbonecancer. To get rid of bone tumor, we’ll have to know how its origins, what are the causes of it, how they spread in our body and what are the effective remedies. This article will provide you a brief knowledge regarding bone tumor.